*********************** Easy Meal Suggestions for Shelters **********************

***Most restaurants and grocery stores require at least a 24-48 hour notice for orders.

***It is typically more cost-effective to purchase side dishes from grocery stores such as bagged salad, pre-packaged macaroni or potato salad, or coleslaw.


Albertsons Deli

Fried Chicken =$1.15/ea.  Suggested serving is 2-3 pieces per person.  Pair the chicken with pre-made pasta salad or potato salad, bagged salad mix and dinner rolls.  For 40 servings or around 100 pieces of fried chicken, 8 lbs potato salad, 20 oz. green salad, cherry tomatoes, 4 lbs fresh fruit and 48 Hawaiian rolls, cost $~175.  Order 24-48 hrs in advance.



2015 E. Vista Way, Vista


Portions are generous.  For 40 servings: purchase 2 full trays of pasta with marinara sauce, 2 full trays of Caesar salad, and 7 loaves of bread.  Cost ~$217.  This is the least expensive option from Ciao. Order 24-48 hrs in advance.



3475 Marron Rd. Oceanside, 760-576-3128

587 Grand Ave, San Marcos, 760-736-8105

Original Chicken Sandwich: $3.50/ea.  However, if you tell them it’s for North Coast Church and give them the non-profit ID number, you’ll receive a large discount:  EIN #57-1214920.

Cost for 40 sandwiches is ~$160.  In addition, please pick up from the grocery store, 2-3 bags of salad, several bags of chips and salad dressing to make this a complete meal.  Order chicken 24 hrs in advance.


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue 

This restaurant provides very large portions at a very reasonable price.  Order at least 24-48 hours in advance.

4225 Oceanside Blvd #E

92056 Rancho Del Oro/Gateway Center

(760) 726-0888


Costco Food Court:

1755 Hacienda Drive, Vista


Food Court: Costco does not typically allow pre-orders because they require payment in full at the time of order.  Give yourself enough time to arrive early and place the order, and wait while it’s prepared.

  • Hot Dogs $1.50/ea
  • Pizza $9.99 (8 large slices). Ask Costco to cut into 16 pieces because children are more likely to finish smaller pieces. It works out to $2.50/serving.  Please grab a bagged side salad and dressing to accompany the pizza.
  • From the deli section: Rotisserie chicken, available in split halves @$5.99 per chicken. Allow 2 pieces of chicken for an adult serving.


El Pollo Loco

495 S. Melrose, Vista, 760-643-0600

Chicken dinner which includes sides, tortillas, and salsa: $6.63/person

Chicken pieces only: $45.99 for 24 pieces (purchase green salad and sides at a grocery store)


Frazier Farms

225 Vista Village Dr., Vista, 760-758-7175

Variety of food on the catering menu.  Some examples are given below.  Check the website or store for a full catering menu.

*Lunch meat platter:  $65/serves 24 ($2.70/person)

*Fruit platter: $40/serves 24 ($1.66/person)

*Sandwiches: $6.50/person

Full pans serve about 25 adult portions.

They have more pan options at Frazier Farms but the food is given to us frozen and we do not have the equipment to heat up large pans at the shelter.


Northgate Market

1150 E. Vista Way, Vista, 760-724-4900


North Park Produce

1952 Hacienda Dr., Vista, 760-631-8434

When calling, ask for Jim Polis and let him know that the meal is for Operation HOPE, discount available

For 35 adult servings Cost =~$175. This includes meat, rice, salads, and bread.


Panda Wok

1836 Oceanside Blvd. #101 Oceanside, 92054, 760-967-3956

Recommended amounts for around 30 people.  Offers military discount.

– 2 large party trays of meat (beef or chicken at $56ea)

– 2 large trays of rice of chow mein ($36/ea.)