Bread of Life Shelter – Bring Dinner for Those in Need

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Bread of Life Shelter - Bring Dinner for Those in Need

MEAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Bread of Life Rescue Mission is a non-profit Christian organization in Oceanside that feeds city’s most vulnerable populations, the hurting, the hungry, and the poor, every day of the year.  North Coast Church has committed to bringing dinner year-round, every Wednesday night for over a decade.  This project involves purchasing a meal, delivering it, and serving it.  Bread of Life is currently offering dine-in services and six (6) volunteers are needed to stay and serve food in the dining room.

Meal Requirements:  Plan to bring a meal that is hot and ready to serve.  It needs to be COMMERCIALLY PREPARED AND PACKAGED, to include a main dish, side dish and salad.   Bread of Life has a full commercial kitchen which may be also be used to prepare the meal. Please plan to arrive at least one hour early and RSVP with the team leader if you plan to cook the meal on-site (such as a commercially prepared lasagna or frozen taquitos).

How much food to bring?  Bring enough to feed ~35 people.

What qualifies as a commercial kitchen?  Food prepared by Costco, WinCo, grocery store deli and any fast food or full-service restaurant is acceptable.  Food cannot be cooked at home.

Dinner Time: Arrive with food by 5:30pm (important!). The meal is served at 6:00pm.  Most groups finish by 7:00pm with minimal clean up required.  The team leader will be on-site to assist and give directions.

The Meal:  Easy Meal Suggestions

  • Side dish: Pre-made casseroles such as mac n cheese, pre-cut garlic bread, potato salad, pasta salad, deli steak fries and coleslaw are just a few examples.
  • Salad:  Salad mix sealed in a bag or box is acceptable.  Please include a bottle of salad dressing and any toppings you prefer.
  • Drinks: If possible, bring two (2) cases of water bottles.
  • Dessert:  Baked goods, cookies and dessert are always a nice treat. Two trays of cookies from Costco are always a favorite, or two large fruit trays for a healthier option.

People Needed to Serve:  An entire life group may pitch in with the cost of the meal, but only 4-6 are able to serve due to Covid restrictions.

Above and Beyond:  Donations are always appreciated.  There is a great need for 3-compartment Styrofoam takeout boxes, cases of water bottles, individually wrapped chips, and plasticware.  Most of these items can be found at Costco.

Questions/Team Leader: Suzi Jones, [email protected], 760-458-0356

Food regulations by the California Health and Safety Code have changed the way food is served and thus the entire meal preparation must be made in a commercial kitchen.  This project is still very feasible with the help of a few people to pitch in for the meal.  If you are not in a Life Group and would still like to provide a meal, we ask that you involve your family or friends to help with the expense.

Additional Info

Availability: PROJECT FULL

Date/Time: 02/02/2022 - 5:30 am - 6:00 am

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