Breakfast n’ Chat – Interfaith in Carlsbad

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Breakfast n’ Chat – Interfaith in Carlsbad

THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION HAS CHANGED AS OF JANUARY 2019!  Please read the description in its entirety.  Starting January 2019, there are new food regulations dictated by the California Health and Safety Code that have changed the way food is to be served.  The entire meal preparation for this project must be made in a COMMERCIAL KITCHEN (i.e. Costco, Winco, Grocery Store Deli, Restaurants, etc.).  We have some suggestions to make this EASY for you.  

Most of the Carlsbad Interfaith clients come from “La Posada,” a shelter for homeless men and farm workers in the area.  These men typically work as day-laborers working in the hot sun, only to return to the shelter in the late afternoon/evening.  This is a great opportunity to share Christ’s love and one will find the need is real!

Project:  Bring and serve a nourishing breakfast for up to 20 men to give them a great start to the day.  Volunteers are encouraged to stay and chat after serving breakfast.  They have so many reasons for being homeless and would love to share their future hopes and dreams with you.

Day:  Saturday mornings

Time:  Arrive by 7:30am and be ready to go.  Staff will open the doors at 7:30am which allows for a quick set-up so that the meal can be served by 7:45am or as soon as possible.  If the men have jobs lined up for the day, they will need to eat quickly.  Groups wrap up by 8:30am.

The Meal:  Bring any breakfast items you like that have been prepared in a COMMERCIAL KITCHEN (i.e. Costco, Winco, Grocery Store Deli, Restaurants, etc.) and assemble on site as  needed.  Please serve the same meal to everyone.  There are no available outlets or ovens to re-heat, so plan a meal that does not require electricity.  Breakfast Ideas

Drinks: Bring bottled water and coffee for up to 20 people, plus a container or two of juice.  If you don’t have a portable coffee carafe, consider ordering a “coffee traveler” from your favorite coffee store.  See here for details:  Easy Traveler Coffee Option

Number of People to Feed:  17-20 people

Supplies Needed:  Please provide the paper products needed to serve this meal for 20 people, such as: paper plates, cups, plasticware and napkins.

Clean Up:  Minimal clean-up is required and most groups should be finished by 8:30am.

Cost: Cost of the meal, drinks and paper products.

Child Friendly: Yes

Questions: Team Leader Bill Halpin, [email protected], (760) 734-1003


Interfaith Carlsbad Service Center

5731 Palmer Way, Suite A
Carlsbad, CA 92010

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Openings: 10

Date/Time: 02/09/2019 - 7:30 am - 8:30 am

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5731 Palmer Way, Suite A
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