Bring & Serve Thanksgiving Dinner to Homeless Families at Operation Hope Shelter 11/23 HIGH NEED!

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Bring & Serve Thanksgiving Dinner to Homeless Families at Operation Hope Shelter 11/23 HIGH NEED!

***NOTE:  This project is intended for a Life Group or Family Group of at least 5 people.  Please do not sign up for this project as an individual, as it has a lot of requirements.***  

Meal Project:  This project entails making sure the families at Operation Hope enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner.  Thanksgiving dinner will be ordered and pre-paid from Albertsons, but we ask that volunteers pick up the meal, deliver it, prep all food items, set the table, serve the meal and provide pie and beverages.  This is an excellent way to boost the spirits and resilience of the families and individuals living in this shelter.

-3:15pm-ish Pick up meal at Albertson’s.  Meal will be pre-paid, however, we ask that you pick up and bring it to the shelter.
-4:00pm Arrive at Operation Hope with the meal and begin food prep.  All food will need to be re-heated and prepped for service.  Decorate and set the Thanksgiving table.
-5:30pm Serve the meal with your group
-6:30pm Clean up and done

Extras:  We would be grateful if your group purchased these items to complete the meal as they have not been purchased.  Decorations, paper plates/napkins/utensils, a few pumpkin pies, whipped cream, 10 bottles of apple cider, 1 gallon milk, and 1 case of water bottles .

Number of People Served: 37 people will be served.

Number of Servers:  We need at least 5 people to prep, decorate, serve and clean up after the meal.

Amenities:  The kitchen has been completely remodeled and is fully functional with a convection oven and all necessary trays, cooking utensils, bowls, etc. that may be used as needed.  You may prepare the meal on site as needed and will need to arrive early to do so (see timeline above).

Arrival:  Park in the front parking lot and check-in at the front office, you will be directed to the kitchen.

What else should I bring?  Thanksgiving paper plates and napkins would make this a very festive event, plus plasticware.

Questions: Anneliese Petitt, [email protected], 760-536-3880

Additional Info

Availability: PROJECT FULL

Date/Time: 11/23/2023 - 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

  • Family Friendly
  • Hands On
  • Serve Meals
  • Urgent Needs
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