Conduct a Bingo Night or Create a Blessing Bag for a Senior

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Senior Assisted Living Communities:  There are many caring and compassionate resident communities that provide services for aging seniors.  Find a community near you by simply “Googling senior assisted living facility.”  Most of the ideas below are great for both individuals and/or groups and are family friendly.

Project Ideas: Conduct a Bingo Night or Create a Blessing Bag for a Senior
Once you find a center near you, call them and ask for “activities director.”  Let them know that you’d like to know how you can help.

Questions you may ask the senior home:
Do they have Bingo Nights and would they like help running them one day/evening?
Should you bring small prizes and or sweet treats for the Bingo winners?
Do they need volunteers to help with craft projects, gardening projects or holiday themed events?
How many seniors are in the facility?
Would they be interested in “blessing bags” for their residents?  If so, what types of items would they prefer and what should you avoid putting in their blessing bag?

Blessing bag suggestions:

  • Art/craft supplies: craft paper, watercolor supplies, colored pencils, adult coloring books, senior friendly craft projects.
  • Holiday Themed Bag:  Choose and upcoming holiday and include a sweet treat, a small room decoration or an easy craft they can complete.  Valentine, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day are all great occasions.
  • Book/DVD Kit: Nature or travel picture books, DVD movies (family-type & comedies are the most popular).  Nature, animal and travel documentaries are also appreciated.   Include a deck of cards or a large print book or bible.
  • Treat Bags: chocolates, granola bars, store bought cookies, nuts, pre-popped popcorn, bag of mints, Nilla crackers, Cracker Jacks
  • Spa/Toiletry Kit: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, body spray, hand lotion, cloth face mask, slippers or socks with sticky bottoms (mens/womens).

*Please do not include hand sanitzers and manicure supplies as these are typically not permitted in the homes.

Family friendly:  Most of the time, the senior homes welcome young children as it’s always a joy for them to be around younger generations. However, you should check with your local center to see what they would prefer during these times.


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