Serve Your City: Build Laundry Kits

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Serve Your City:  Build Laundry Kits

Create a Laundry Kit:  Laundry is something that many of us take for granted, but is not always available to everyone in our community.   Take this opportunity to come alongside some local families in a way that might seems small, but will make a HUGE impact.  Help your community feel fresh, clean and confident!

Project:  This project involves putting together a Laundry Kit for families who may not have the supplies/resources to get their laundry done on their own. Each kit should include:

-Two rolls of quarters
-10 laundry detergent pods
-Bottle of water
-Snack bar
*Pack into a zip lock bag or paper bag

How Many Kits? Make any amount that fits within your budget, 1-25+

Drop Off:   Bring kits to your local laundry mat or low income housing area and hand out with a friendly smile.  You might plan to do this on a busy weekend when there are a lot of people doing laundry (depending on the amount of kits you make).

Register for this project so we know you’re committed and please share your stories via this link!

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