Sew a Sundress for Girls in Developing Countries – Online

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Sew a Sundress for Girls in Developing Countries - Online

“Dress a Girl Around the World” is a campaign to bring dignity to women around the world.  Every girl deserves the dignity of owning at least one dress!  Gather a group or do this as an individual and use your sewing skills to build sundresses.  Patterns and guidelines can be found below.  There are ambassadors in your area who collect, organize and distribute dresses.  To find your local ambassador, click HERE.  For more information about Dress A Girl Around the World, click HERE.


Project Details:

If you do not find a local ambassador in your area, you might send your dresses with a local missionary you know.  The dresses are typically hand-carried and delivered to each girl personally and are usually slipped on over their ragged clothing, telling each girl that God loves them and that someone who cares about them made this dress especially for them.  THEN, the transformation begins as the girls realize their dignity!

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Dress a Girl Around the World
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