Sew Dresses for Girls in Developing Countries

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Sew Dresses for Girls in Developing Countries

“Dress a Girl Around the World” is a campaign to bring dignity to women around the world.  Every girl deserves the dignity of owning at least one dress!  Gather a group or do this as an individual and use your sewing skills to build sundresses.  Patterns and guidelines can be found below.  Our very own North Coast Missionaries will deliver the dresses as they travel to countries all around the word.


Project Details:

  • Make a sundress, tie dress, t-shirt dress or any simple dress with sleeves, any size from 2 – 12.
  • How Many Dresses to Make? There is no minimum number.  Just make sure you send God’s best by putting together good quality dresses that meets the guidelines.
  • What Type of Fabric?  Dresses can be any color as long as they are 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend that is not thin (see-through)!
  • Dress Patterns:  Check out these examples.  Please keep in mind, these are just examples, so if you have a pattern you’d like to use, go for it.
  • Deadline for Dresses?  There is no hard deadline for the dresses.  The missionaries travel year-round, so once the dresses are received they are packaged up for the next trip.  The dates for travel are roughly every other month.  You may check out one of our missionaries to see where they are traveling.
  • Optional Donation:  Include a new pack of girls underwear.
  • Drop Off:  When your dresses are complete, deliver them to the front desk of North Coast Church, Vista Campus, Attn: Mary Bishop.  If you’re at another campus and it’s not convenient for you to deliver them to Vista, you may drop them off at your local NCC campus and ask them to transport them to Mary Bishop at the Vista Campus (IMPORTANT!).
  • Vista Office Hours: M-F, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Questions: Team Leader, Debera, [email protected] or Sylvia at [email protected]

Pray for the Girls:  Finish the dress with a special prayer for the girl who will wear it!  Your dress will be distributed by our North Coast missionaries who travel around the globe to hand-deliver each dress personally.  The dresses are usually slipped on over their ragged clothing, telling each girl that God loves them and that someone who cares about them made this dress especially for them.  THEN, the transformation begins as the girls realize their dignity!

What if I don’t live locally?  Ideally, you would give your dresses to a local local ambassador or missionary to hand-carry to a girl in need.  However, if you don’t know of any personally, you may mail your dresses to the North Coast Vista Campus.  See details under “drop off” above.

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