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Description:  Whether you have personally gone through cancer treatments, or you had a loved one go through treatment, or you simply want to provide meaningful support, this is a great way to do so.  There are a lot of different things you can do to help your loved one through chemotherapy and other treatments like radiation.

Groups or individuals:  This project is great for both and children can take part as well.

Kits for men or women?  There tends to be a lot of kits made that are tailored towards women, but please keep in mind, there are just as many men going through treatments. Please try to have a good variety of kits to include both men and women.

How many kits to create?  Create one kit, or 10+ kits.  It all depends on you financial means and whether you’re able to include all or some of the items.  If you’re in a group, each person may choose an item(s) to bring from the list in order to combine the items, to build each bag.

Cost:  Cost of the groceries.  Use the suggested list below to provide a holiday dinner for a family.

Personal Comfort Items that are suggested for Kits:

This link is especially helpful to those that may not have any experience with cancer treatments as it explains why the suggested items can be useful.

Suggested items:

  1. Warm and Comfy Clothing – Head Scarves and Hats. The hospital receives a lot of knit hats, so beannies or head scarves are a nice change.
  2. Soft, warm blankets
  3. Warm socks or slippers
  4. Comfy shirts – clothing that provides quick yet discreet access to your check for infusion sessions.
  5. Icy Cool Towel – to help with hot flashes and increased sweating
  6. Gentle Skin Moisturizers and Soaps (without fragrances or scents which can be irritating)
  7. Lip Balm – shea butter, petrolatum or glycerin is ideal
  8. BPA Reusable Water Bottle – to keep skin and body hydrated
  9. Caffeine Free Tea (Peppermint, Chamomile, Ginger and Lemon) – to help aid upset stomach
  10. Mouth Aids – Citrus Candies, Ginger Chews
  11. Eye Mask, Ear Plugs and Neck Pillow
  12. Silk or Fleece Pillow Case – good for bald scalps
  13. PICC Line Covers
  14. Include an inspirational note or postcard
  15. Entertainment Ideas: Magazines, iTunes Gift Cards, Sudoku Puzzle Book, Journal
  16. Chain or Bracelet/Rock with inspirational saying – many patients hold onto these during treatment for comfort.

 Package:  Package the items in a gift bag or basket from the dollar store, or get creative.

 How to Get Started?

  1. Click the “Register” button and fill out the short form.  An automated email confirmation will be sent notifying you of your volunteer commitment and notifying the organization.
  1. Include your preferred drop off date and the number of kits you plan to make in the  comments section of the registration.  
  1. Deliver the kits to the location you have chosen. Drop off right when you get off the elevator, you’ll see desk for treatment area.  Nurse at front desk is Gentry or Joe with whom you can drop off care bags.

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