To give you some inspiration for ways you can love on the people and community around you, here is a list of ways you can show some extra love during Serve Your City’s Love Week (week of April 25).

  • Write a letter or an email encouraging someone. Include a verse that gives encouragement.
  • Reach out to a new neighbor and invite them to dinner or coffee.
  • Share your story with someone about how you came to a relationship with Jesus. Tip – Share more if they’re interested and less if they’re not.
  • Surprise a friend with a gift on their doorstep.
  • Invite someone to church or send them the Daily Dose or the sermon.
  • Ask your husband or wife how you can be praying for them. If unmarried, offer to pray for a coworker or friend. Follow up with them a few days later!
  • Donate a meal to a homeless shelter or meal train.
  • Leave a Post-it note with words of affirmation for your co-worker or someone in your household that says “You are_____.”
  • Buy a meal for someone who is asking for money.
  • Spend time mending a relationship that could use a little work.
  • Stop for someone on the side of the road (always be safe). Ask about their story while you help.
  • Take on a major task for someone at work or in your household.
  • Give your time to a grandparent. Ask them about their life. If the opportunity presents itself, ask them about their faith.

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