Child Reading

Read with Kids & Improve Literacy Rates

It’s a no-brainer that reading is one of the most important skills a child can possess, and once they learn to read, it can never be taken away.  Whether or not a child knows how to read has large ramifications for their success or failure in life.

The Community Service team was surprised to learn that Maryland Elementary school, located just two miles from the Vista Campus, had 94% of its students receiving free or reduced lunches.  This means these children are living at the poverty level.  A “super” volunteer from Maryland approached North Coast to cast their vision of a community-based-one-on-one tutoring program.  The goal was to increase literacy and math scores amongst the K-5 students at Maryland Elementary with help from the church.

How can you help?  It’s super simple.  Sign up to read with a child once a week for an hour.  Volunteers are paired with the same children for consistency and to build relationships.  Training and all reading materials are provided.

Questions:  Julie, (760) 505-6507, [email protected]

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Check out these quotes from our volunteers:  

“This is so uplifting!  The child feels so good about himself!”  M.J. Reynolds

“This experience is so fulfilling and productive for both mentor and child!”  J. Cooper

“Fostering a love for reading and learning starts when kids are young and, for me, being able to be an encourager in the process is a blessing.  These kids are so smart, so capable, and so eager. Watching them light up when they get to that next level of learning is amazing.”  J.Donar

We truly have no idea the impact we are going to make on these kids going forward, and being a volunteer is so much more than just the reading; it was about encouragement, friendship, and confidence. There is no greater gift than to be able to give someone my time and my talent, and I love reading so volunteering at Maryland has been such a beautiful gift in my life.  I genuinely wish everyone could spend even a little bit of their time volunteering here, it’s so unbelievably special.”  T.Trejo