Meals75Serving meals to large groups does not need to be complicated.  Use the following ideas to plan your project.  To search projects that involve meals, select “Serve Meals” under Project Categories.”

Please arrive with food fully prepared as many of our community partners do not have a way to cook or re-heat the meal when you arrive.  Ask your team leader for details.  Check out this great website for recipes when cooking for a crowd-easy recipes.

Don’t want to cook? We have ideas for that too! See below.

Main Entrée: Taco Salad
For 80-100 servings:
– 15 lbs ground meat mixed with taco seasoning and 10 cans of beans
– 4-5 large bags of salad mix (Costco-sized)
– 10-12 large bags tortilla chips
– 40-50 oz. grated cheese
– 40 oz. Salsa
– 40 oz. Sour Cream
Side dish – 3 giant cans of corn

Main Entrée: Spaghetti & Meatballs
For 80-100 servings:
– 12-15 lbs of noodles (1 lb package=500 g=16 oz=6 servings cooked)
– 4 giant cans of marinara sauce from Costco
– 6 lbs ground meat or frozen meat balls
Side dishes: 4 large bags salad mix, one giant bottle of Ranch Dressing, 12-15 loaves french bread

Main Entrée:  Baked Potatoes (Wrap individually and allow hours to bake.) Provide butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and/or crock pot chili
Side dishes:  Salad, soup, chili, dinner rolls

Main Entrée: Enchiladas
Side dishes: Rice, beans & side salad

Main Entrée: Burritos or Tacos
Side dishes: Rice, beans & side salad

Main Entrée: Hamburgers or Hot Dogs    

Side dishes: Potato salad and/or green salad & fries

Main Entrée: Chicken Tetrazzini or Other Pasta Dishes
Side dishes: Side salad & garlic bread (12-15 loaves)

Main Entrée:  Sloppy Joe’s
Side dishes:   Chips, green salad

Main Entrée:  Meatloaf (Suggested easy recipe for 8)
Side dishes:   Instant mashed potatoes, crock pot vegetable, green salad

Main Entrée:  BBQ Chicken Legs & Thighs
Side dishes:    Rice or potatoes, salad, crock pot vegetable

Don’t want to cook? Try catering a meal with the help of one of these businesses?

  • Pollo Loco catering menu
  • Pre-Cooked Rotisserie Chicken -Costco & most grocery stores
  • KFC Chicken Buckets – please no chicken bones for children
  • Hot Dogs –Costco Food Court sells hot dogs pre-cooked and wrapped for $1.50/ea.
  • Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches – ask about discount options
  • Note:  Please AVOID bringing pizza or lasagna if at all possible.  There are so many groups that bring these items, so we’d like to give them a variety of options.