Craft n’ Snack Kit for a Senior – Ramona Senior Center

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Craft n’ Snack Kit for a Senior - Ramona Senior Center

Senior Communities: North Coast has partnered with several caring and compassionate senior support communities that provide services for aging adults.  We want to love and honor this special community by providing a little gift that will uplift their spirits.  Create a little care package filled with fun treats for an unexpected surprise that will brighten their day.

Project:  Make 1-25 craft n snack kits, or any amount that fits within your budget.  There are 170 homebound seniors to whom these kits will be delivered and will be greatly appreciated!  

Packaging: Pack in a gift bag or zip lock bag.  Ideally, it’s best if the bags can be closed or sealed.  Feel free to include a special homemade card with some words of encouragement.   

 Craft n Snack Kit Ideas:  Watercolor paints, watercolor paper, colored pencils, adult coloring book/sheets, craft paper, notebook/journal, large print Sudoku or crossword books, large print books. Include a treat:  chocolates (Snickers, Milky Way, Reese’s, 3 Musketeers, etc.) and/or snacks (potato chips, corn chips, etc.).  *No homemade food please, must be store bought and you do not need to include all these items, choose whatever fits best within your budget. 

Family Friendly:  Absolutely! This is a great project to involve children.

Groups or Individuals:  Great for both groups and individuals.

Drop off: Ramona Senior Center
434 Aqua Lane, Ramona, CA 92065
Hours:  8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m, M-F
Contacts: Ellen, Lora or Sandy can accept your donations as you arrive.

Questions:  Lora Cicalo, [email protected], (760) 789-0440

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Available Spots: Open

Date/Time: Flexible Days

  • Care Packages/Donations
  • Family Friendly
  • Individual
Partner Organization:
Ramona Senior Center
434 Aqua Lane
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