“Blessing Bag” for a Senior – Ramona Senior Center

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“Blessing Bag” for a Senior - Ramona Senior Center

A beautiful way to serve our local seniors is through the gift of a Blessing Bag.  A Blessing Bag is a little care package filled with fun treats and an unexpected surprise to brighten their day.

How Many Bags to Create?  There are 35-75 seniors that attend on any given day for lunch or other activities.  In addition, there at 140 home-bound seniors who are not mobile or well enough to drive to the facility.   Meals are brought to the home-bound seniors on a daily basis.  Therefore, there are a few options depending on your group size and financial means.  You may create anywhere from 50 to 215 “blessing bags.”

  1. Create a small “treat bag filled with any of the following: chocolate, small homemade craft, box of Cracker Jacks, granola bar, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, or something else creative.  Wrap it with a note and provide one for each senior that frequents the facility.  During the holidays, it might be fun to create a Halloween-themed bag or a Thanksgiving-themed bag.
    1. Make enough for those at the facility = around 50-75 small treat bags.
    2. Make enough for those at the facility & those home-bound = 215 small treat bags.
  2. Create a larger “Blessings Gift” that is more of a “medium size gift.” These would be raffled off to the seniors who would be thrilled at the chance of winning a prize.  Make 10, 15, 20 or any amount that fits within your budget.  Some ideas follow and many more are on Pinterest.  Click here to see.
    1. Coffee & Tea Basket, Cookie Basket.
    2. Mother’s Day Mini Flower Bouquet, Bath Kit w/ Epson Salt and Slippers
    3. Father’s Day Cross Word Puzzles, Game Basket (Checkers, Yahtzee, deck of cards, cross word puzzles, Sudoku Game, a large print book or bible)
    4. Large Snack Bag: Granola Bars, Nut, Chocolate Bars, Pre-popped Popcorn, Chap Stick Nilla Crackers, Chocolate Chip cookies, Bag of Mints
    5. Special Homemade Craft, homemade pie, cookies, etc.

How to Wrap?  Place smaller items into zip lock bags and put a nice ribbon to tie them off.  Or pick up an inexpensive basket at the “dollar store” to create larger blessing baskets.

Family Friendly:  Absolutely! This is a great project to involved children.

Groups or Individuals:  Great for both groups and individuals.

Drop off: Ramona Senior Center

434 Aqua Lane, Ramona, CA 92065

Hours:  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Questions:  Lora Cicalo  762-789-0440, [email protected]

Get Started!

1.  Simply click the “Register” button and fill out the short form.  An automated email confirmation will be sent to you and the Ramona Senior Center notifying them.

2. Important!  Include the drop-off date and number of blessing bags you plan to drop off in the “Comments” section of the registration.  This will expedite the sign up process.

3.  You’re all set!  Simply make your “Blessing Bags” and drop them off.


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