Bread of Life – Order Take-Out Dinner for Those in Need

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Bread of Life - Order Take-Out Dinner for Those in Need

MEAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Bread of Life Rescue Mission is a non-profit Christian organization in Oceanside that feeds seniors, vets, families & less fortunate every day of the year.  North Coast Church has committed to bringing dinner year-round, every Wednesday night for over a decade.  This project involves purchasing a meal, delivering it, and serving it.  Bread of Life is offering dine-in services again starting June 1st.  At least six volunteers are needed to stay and serve food in the dining room.

Meal Requirements:  Bring a to-go meal that is ready to serve and is commercially prepared.  Please include a main dish, side dish and salad.  Bring enough to feed ~25 people.  Sorry, food cannot be cooked at home.  Feel free to check out the list of easy meal options.  You are welcome to choose any menu you wish.

Dinner Time: Arrive with food by 5:30pm (really important!). The meal is served at 6:00pm.  The entire meal service should only take an hour and at least six (6) people are needed to help serve the food from your group.  An on-site team leader will be available to guide groups.

The Meal:  All food needs to be purchased from a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Easy Meal Suggestions

  • Side dish: Pre-made casseroles such as mac n cheese, pre-cut garlic bread, potato salad, pasta salad, deli steak fries and coleslaw are just a few examples.
  • Salad:  Salad mix sealed in a bag or box is acceptable.  Please include a bottle of salad dressing and any toppings you prefer.
  • Drinks: If possible, bring two (2) cases of water bottles.
  • Dessert:  Baked goods, cookies and dessert are always a nice treat. Two trays of cookies from Costco are always a favorite, or two large fruit trays for a healthier option.

Above and Beyond:  Donations are always appreciated.  There is a great need for 3-compartment Styrofoam takeout boxes, cases of water bottles, individually wrapped chips, and plasticware.  Most of these items can be found at Costco.

Questions/Team Leader: Suzi Jones, [email protected], 760-458-0356

Food regulations by the California Health and Safety Code have changed the way food is served.  The entire meal preparation must be made in a COMMERCIAL KITCHEN (Restaurant, Costco, Grocery Store Deli).  This project is still very feasible with the help of a few people to pitch in for the meal.  If you are not in a Life Group and would still like to provide a meal, we ask that you involve your family or friends to help with the expense.

Additional Info

Openings: 10

Date/Time: 06/16/2021 - 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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