Game Night – Vista Gardens Senior Home – Tuesday Nights

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Game Night - Vista Gardens Senior Home - Tuesday Nights

About: Vista Gardens Memory Care is a special and unique community that treats their senior residents with the respect and dignity they deserve.  These residents have been affected by memory issues including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s-related dementia, and mild cognitive impairment.  However, they still love to be cognitively challenged and meet in the “Community Room” every evening.

Grab your life group and simply love on these seniors by participating in a game night !  If you’re an individual or family this is a also a great opportunity to serve.  For larger groups of 10, games will take place in the Community Room.

  • Games:   There is a selection of games to choose from such as Bingo, UNO and others.  Bingo is the MOST popular amongst the residents!!! There are typically 8-12 people that will gather for evening activities.  They love to socialize and play games.  Be prepared to have fun, but please be flexible as there are different cognitive levels.  Most of the residents have some level of dementia (some more than others).  If you plan to play BINGO, please bring a bag of candy or a small prize (Dollar Tree prizes are usually great!), because they love to win prizes.

Masks:  In order to keep the residents safe, the home may ask that you wear a mask while playing BINGO, especially if there has been a recent Covid infection.

Child-Friendly: Children 12+yrs are welcome as long as they are amenable to wearing a mask if asked. The residents love children!

Arrival: When you arrive at the property, the gated-entrance will open automatically.  If the gate doesn’t open, call the community at (760) 295-3900, and they will open it. Vista Gardens is a locked facility, so the receptionist will open the front door as guests arrive. Just mention that you are from North Coast Church and you will be directed to the community room.

Questions:  Team Leader, Juanita Minick, [email protected] or 760.310.8823.  Email is preferred.

Other Nights Also Available:  If you’d like to schedule another day of the week besides Tues/Thurs nights, please ask the Team Leader.  The home is very flexible and will try to accommodate groups if able.

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Openings: 10

Date/Time: 07/16/2024 - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Vista Gardens Memory Care
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