Donate Food and/or Fresh Fruits – Fallbrook Food Pantry

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Donate Food and/or Fresh Fruits - Fallbrook Food Pantry

Non-perishables are always needed as are home-grown fresh fruit and vegetables such as oranges, tangerines, avocados, grapefruit, persimmons, lemons, and limes from your garden or grove.  Local families rely on The Food Pantry to provide them with food and you can make a difference.

Stats:  Currently, more than 400,000 people in San Diego County are classified as food insecure, including more than 160,000 children. What does “food insecure” mean?   It means they have little or no food available at home, and do not know how they will get their next meal. * (*San Diego Hunger Coalition. San Diego County Food Insecurity, 2015.)

Date/Time: Drop off at your convenience, Monday – Saturday, 8:30am – 12pm

Deliver To:  The Fallbrook Food Pantry, 1042 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028

Most Needed Items: 

  • Cereal, Oatmeal
  • Bread, Tortillas, Crackers
  • All Canned Fruit & Vegetables
  • Pasta & Pasta Sauce
  • Canned Chicken, Beef, Fish
  • Canned Soups, Lentil Soup, Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Chili, Tuna,
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Rice, Pasta, Dried Beans
  • Canned and Bottled Juices
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Diapers, Baby Food (no formula)
  • Shelf Stable Milk, liquid or powdered
  • Nutritional Drinks for Seniors (i.e. Ensure)
  • Fruits and Vegetables from your Grove or Garden*

*Fresh produce:  All fruits (citrus primarily) being donated from the community, MUST be dropped off at the Fallbrook Regional Health District.  138 S. Brandon Road, Fallbrook.  Mondays – Wednesday, 9:30am -2pm

Shae Gawlak,
[email protected]
Fallbrook Food Pantry Website

Additional Info

Available Spots: Open

Date/Time: Flexible Days

  • Care Packages/Donations
  • Family Friendly
  • Individual
Partner Organization:
Fallbrook Food Pantry
140 N. Brandon Road
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