You-Pick Fruit Project – Fallbrook Food Pantry

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You-Pick Fruit Project - Fallbrook Food Pantry

Pick the Fruit: It’s simple!  Go out and pick fruit from a flourishing orchard.  Most people in the Fallbrook area either have fruit trees or have a friend/neighbor that is willing to share their abundance of fruit. You get to arrange directly with the donor for a day/time that works for both parties. These precious commodities will be donated to families in need via the Fallbrook Food Pantry.  Egg donations are also greatly appreciated.

Note!  You will have to source your own farm or orchard from which to pick.  We do not currently have a list of places to pick fruit. 

Project Details:

  1. Groups need to register their volunteer time on the Food Pantry website which is essential to help the pantry with data and applying for grants.
  2. Groups source the tree’s/fruit themselves (friends/neighbors/family).
  3. Groups may borrow bins (banana boxes) from the pantry to collect and deliver fruit to the pantry.  Bins are 4’x 4′ x 3’Tall.  Grocery bags and cardboard boxes are also acceptable.  Contact, Nancy at: [email protected]
  4. Please deliver the fruit to the pantry during business hours (9AM-1PM M-F)

Additional Items:

  • The Food Pantry will provide you with a donation receipt to give to the donor after the picking is complete.
  • Allow for 1-3 hours to pick the fruit depending on the property size and the number of trees.
  • Bring: gloves, clippers, sunscreen, water and crates provided by The Food Pantry. (Please do not bring ladders. Most of the fruit is low enough to clip without needing a ladder.)
  • Wear: hats, long sleeve shirts and pants and closed-toed shoes
  • Pick any time of day during the week that you prearrange with the donating party
  • After you’ve registered, an automated email confirmation will be sent to you and the organization, notifying them of your volunteer commitment.
  • Choose a date that works best for your group and contact the Food Pantry to pick up the crates to hold the produce.
  • It’s that simple.  Now, pick the produce and drop off at the Food Pantry when you’re done.

Questions:  Sancia Obermueller, [email protected].

Additional Info

Available Spots: Open

Date/Time: Flexible Days

  • Family Friendly
  • Hands On
  • Individual
Partner Organization:
Fallbrook Food Pantry
140 N. Brandon Road
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