*********************** Easy Meal Suggestions for Haven House**********************

Main Entrée: Costco – Pizza (8-10 pizzas)
Side dishes: 3 large bags salad mix, one giant bottle of Ranch Dressing), 3 large packages of cherry tomatoes and/or other vegetables for salad

Main Entrée: Costco – Chicken Salad from Deli (9 packages)
Side dishes: Carrots (2, 5lb bags) and Ranch dressing, 3 lb box of Ritz crackers

Main Entrée: Costco – Rotisserie Chicken (~10)
Side dishes:
    Costco Macaroni salad (4, 5lb tubs)

Main Entrée:  Albertson’s – Fried Chicken (~100 pieces)
Side dishes:    Pasta Salad/Potato salad (~20 lbs)

Main Entrée:  Winco – Sandwich Wrap or Hawaiian Slider 18 inch Tray (3 trays)
Side dishes:   Potato salad (4, 5lb tubs)

Main Entrée:  Winco – Fried Chicken (4 orders of 24 pieces)
Side dishes:
    Macaroni salad (4, 5lb tubs)

Quantities listed for entrees are estimates. If you find that more or less are needed after serving, please let us know.  

Questions:  Team Leader, Vickie Pauley, [email protected] (707) 206-2801