I herby waive any right or cause of action arising as a result of my own or my child’s participation at Ivey Ranch Park from which any liability may or could accrue against Ivey Ranch Park Association, or the officers, staff, volunteers, and associates collectively or individually.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I agree that this waiver shall include any rights or causes of action resulting from personal injury to me or damage to my property sustained in connection with my activities at Ivey Ranch Park.


In consideration of the acceptance of myself or my child’s participation at the facility listed above, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees, release, waive, and/or forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages that may be suffered by me or my child as a result of preparation for, or participation in, any event at Ivey Ranch Park.  I recognize the risks associated with my/his/her participation and specifically agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ivey Ranch Park Association; including any members, any employee, all program participating individuals associated with Ivey Ranch Park Association, any promoter, sponsor, or subcontractor whose facilities and/or services are being used for this program, from any and all injuries or damages arising from, or in any way contributed to, my or my child’s participation at Ivey Ranch Park.


I understand that reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard the health and safety of all attendees/participants and that I will be notified (or the contact I have listed) as soon as possible in case of any emergency affecting me or my child.  In the event I cannot be reached (or the contact I have listed) in an emergency, I hereby authorize emergency medical treatment.


I also herby authorize and consent that Ivey Ranch Park Association has the right to copyright, publish, use, sell or assign any and all photographic pictures, videotapes and/or sound recordings taken or made of me or the youth mentioned below in which I or the youth mentioned below may be included in whole or part.  I grant permission to allow these images and/or recordings to be put to legitimate use at the discretion of Ivey Ranch Park Association.  I relinquish all rights, title, or interest to any furnished products, reproductions or facsimiles.


I, the participant, parent, guardian, or legal custodian of the minor participant, do hereby assent to above waiver and release and agree to all terms as stated above.



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