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Caring for Those Who Care Gift Package

Caring for Those Who Care:  Create a care package to honor those who serve your community. This is a a great opportunity to bless someone that you know personally.   

Ideas: You might bless: nurses/hospital staff, law-enforcement, fire fighters, teachers or someone in the military. You choose a “service person” you’d like to bless. 

How to Choose? You may choose someone you know, or call around your community to see who would like to accept your generous gift.  You will need to arrange the delivery with them directly (we do not have a list of contacts to choose from).   

  • Nurses and Hospital Staff (for nurse’s station to share): Coffee drinks, compression socks, hair bands/ties, face shields, protein bars (ex: Luna, Cliff, Kind), encouraging notes, Vitamin water, homemade cards from children, sports drinks or bubbly water. 
  • Firefighters (for fire station to share): sports drinks, coffee, protein bars, healthy snacks, beef jerky, breath mints, pocket hand sanitizer, single serving package of nuts or trail mix, Gold Bond powder, gum, eye drops, Chapstick, Advil/Tylenol. 
  • Law enforcement (package individually): mouthwash, Chapstick, lotion, protein bar, water, beef jerky, chips small towel, granola bar, instant coffee, toothbrush/toothpaste, encouraging card. 
  • Teachers (for staff break room to share): Starbucks Instant Coffee, tea, protein bars, trail mix, breath mints, Vitamin Water, Emergen-C drink mix, Chapstick, hand lotion, pocket hand sanitizer, air freshener spray, encouraging note. 
  • Military Person: Depending on whether this person is home or overseas will dictate the items to package. Generally speaking, you make take ideas from any of the lists above.  

How Many Kits? Make as many care packages as your finances allow. Package the items in a large basket, crate, gift bag or reusable container. Dollar stores usually have great options. 

Delivery:  Contact the facility prior to assembling your kit to ensure they are able to accept your gift and arrange a drop off time convenient for both parties. 

Family Friendly:  Yes! Involve the entire family, friends or neighbors.  

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